Saturday, March 07, 2009

Some of my favorite places to eat on Hwy 90 and I-10 between Marfa and Houston

This is a short list

Frank's restaurant- Schulenburg- check it out- great sauerkraut and German sausage plus great homestyle. Also, they have the "Love Tester" machine in the lobby

Carmelita's- Mexican Food in Del Rio, a block east of Don Michelino's. Great breakfast and cheap

Sammy's/Haby's Alsatian Bakery- Castroville- similar in a way to Frank's. Old school and excellent.

Roundhouse restaurant- Sanderson - The old roundhouse building. I think that's the name of this place. Anyway, there are so few in Sanderson that you can figure it out- on the South side of the road. Delicious coffee and good food.

Popeye's Fried Chicken in the TA truck stop, east of San Antonio- I believe this would be exit 572- possiblt wrong on that. One exit east of the 410 loop on on I-10 east. I always get it to go since the atmosphere in this place is terrible. Chicken and dirty rice is still great. Ask for a couple of packets of Cajun Sparkle, the secret free bonus seasoning they have, and enjoy twice as much flavor.

Flying J trucks stops, San Antonio and Brookshire- kind of expensive for diner food, but good food and bottomless coffee, of course. Great is you need a long break from the road and are truly hungry. Read the paper and eat.

Tony's restaurant, Sealy- family style restaurant with good food and service. So close to Houston, though, that I normally skip it and eat something exotic, cheaper and faster in the big city.

That's about it, really, for that drive. I did not iinclude places within Houston, San Antonio or Alpine since that's more of home turf and a trip away from the road for me. I was thinking about this today while I was driving in to Houston from Del Rio. I'll be in Houston until Tuesday AM busy with some Continental Club stuff and then some Padre's stuff. - David

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Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Joel's BBQ, exit 661.