Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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11Pm to 2 AM- nearly 3 years running for my radio show- a mixture of soul music mnew and old, R&B, blues and Texas music. Live streaming at marfapublicradio.org
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I was thinking just a few weeks ago about how we,a s a nation, were freaked out by and vilified Moammar Qaddafi about 10-15 years ago but how, up until a few days ago, we rarely heard about him anymore.
Well, he is more insane than I ever thought he was- wow. Vows to go down in flames and take as many of his countrymen down with him as possible.
These last 2 weeks have been some of the most important in recent history- who knows what will come of it all- WOW

Focsuing on work this year- again- just volunteered to be on the board of a tri-county recycling non-profit corporation forming out of Alpine... More unpaid work. I was chosen because Padre's recycles more aggregate than any other business in Marfa- cardboard, aluminum and glass bottles- takes a lot of time and some resources- we are committed.

Tomorrow- working on cleaning out my Airstream- the one I used to live in- goin g to try to have it fixed up and moved out to Barry Tubb's property as my vacation "home" by this Friday!


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I love me some David Beebe.