Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day dinner

I spent this year's Valentine's Day cooking dinner for up to 60 people at Padre's. Actually, I also spent most of Sunday the 13th prepping and cooking for the meal- it was fun!

We actually served about 40 people, leaving me with about 25 ribeyes extra, about 16 of which I went ahead and cooked since I had the pecan in the smoker and the temp was still up around 400 at the end of the night. So what's cool about that is we have steak andwiches now until they're gone- I had one for dinner a bit earlier and it was delicious!

Here's what we served and the ridiculously excellent pricing we offered (I was glad to undercut the white tablecloth restaurants in town!)

Entree: your choice of either a grilled 16 oz bone-in ribeye steak or a healthy portion of three cheese vegetarian lasagna

Sides: Baked potato how you like it, loaded or not; small side romaine salad with choice of Bleu Cheese dressing or ranch; small side of rice smothered in mushroom/onion brown gravy

Wine: one glass of either ValVerde Chardonnay or Mouton Cadet Bordeaux

All this for $25 for a single or $40 per couple!
By the way, the vegetarian lasagna took me as long as anything to make, and it's excellent. there's still some left here on sale- it's really good. I cooked it Sunday in the "plate warmer" - my grnadmother's old 1954 Chambers copper-clad oven. the thermostat is wonky, so to use it it's best if it's monitored. Anyway, I didn't burn it. Yum!

Anyway, it was a great way to spend a Valentine's Day alone, and I wore an apron with a big red heart on it that says "Cultivate Love" and "David". Hilarious. I think it may have been given to me as a suggestion (just kidding- ha ha!)

Anyway, tonight is The Night Train Express radio show, my soul/R&B show on KRTS FM 93.5, Marfa Public Radio- live streaming at www.marfapublicradio.org
It's coming up on three years since I started this weekly Tuesday radio show (11PM to 2AM) and the station is about to bump power up from 50,000 watts to 100,000 watts. We'll be audible well past Crane and down into Sanderson, past Sierra Blanca and partly towards Ozona- also well into Mexico. Think "Heard It on the X" but NPR. Even funnier than me in a red heart apron.

Alpine tomorrow, possibly Ojinaga, MEX Thursday...

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