Thursday, January 14, 2016

Presidio, TX airport meeting regarding TXDOT aviation runway seal coat grant notes

Here are my notes from the TXDOT aviation meeting with Presidio TX airport stakeholders regarding the upcoming grant for runway seal coating. 1/13/2016 8:30 AM, Presidio

Presidio Airport meeting with TXDOT 01/13/2016, Presidio Airport, 8:30 AM

Presenters are Larry Caldwell, Klotz and Associates
Ryan Hindman, TXDOT

Scope of work is to rehabilitate the pavement at Presidio airport.
Generally seal coat. TXDOT likes to use P-631, an mauls ion seal coat. Also looking at a thicker emulsion seal coat for this project.

Seal cracks, put seal coat on top, re-mark runways.

Base bid is for normal seal coat. 
Add alternate is grip-flex seal coat.
Contractors can bid both or either.

Possible that grip-flex company, supplier, producer will bid on this project with their product.

Jim White mentions that sometimes sealing cracks is unsuccessful. Any warranty on this work? This is expensive work.
TXDOT says that cracks will happen.
White wants to know the typical cause of cracks. 

TXDOT says they are sealing runway, if nothing is done it will get worse. 
Chase Snodgrass says runway is actually in really good shape, very few cracks. 

Brad Newton says that the ion charge of a seal coat can make a big difference insofar as whether it will stick well or not.

One year warranty on seal coat. TXDOT says that they don't have these problems at other airports, they do it all the time. 

Life of a seal coat is typically 5-7 years. Last overlay on this airport was nearly 9 years ago. 
Chase wants to know about the satisfaction level of people using the grip-flex product versus the regular product.
Jim Whits asks about boiling point of asphalt, temperatures get really hot, sometimes he has seen asphalt melt. Chase says that could be a factor with heavier aircraft on hot days, specifically when they are turning around, gouging the surface.

Brad Newton asks what the surface temp in the summer is on the runway. Unknown says Chase.
Larry says the mix they use is adequate for this temp range, since it has not been an issue here in the past. 
Brad Newton thinks it would be worth mentioning in the specifications that there is extreme heat out here.

Runway will be closed during seal coat.
Primary impact could be temporary suspension of medical extractions. Will be closed for up to about 2-3 weeks, not necessarily consecutive. Likely not consecutive. 

State funded project, not waiting on federal funds. Can start pretty much right away.
City of Presidio can supply water for washing runway after cracks sealed, prior to seal-coat application.
Chase asks if it's possible to get the driveway and parking aprons re-sealed at the same time. TXDOT says that airport can try to negotiate with contractor, cannot be funded by TXDOT since it's not direct air operations related.

Paint for runway markings will be added several weeks after seal cost to allow for curing, avoid discoloration of paint. 

Ryan says that project could start in March, possible bids in hand by late April. 
County has to pay their share. Construction can start around July, most likely. 
County and PMDD cover 10% of project. $14,500 from County and 14,500 from Presidio Municipal Development Corporation. Total project budget is $290,000.

Apron will be done before runway. Allows for airport to be closed fewer days.

No RPR on this project. Chase Snodgrass will function as RPR.

Meeting over at 9:27.

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