Saturday, January 16, 2016

Statement from Candidate for Presidio County Sheriff Caesar Melendez

Hello, everyone.
I am posting statements from the candidates in the upcoming primary elections (Election Day is March 1st) who wish to have them posted up here. All candidates are invited to submit statements.

The first statement I have to post is one posted by Caesar Melendez, former Presidio County Sheriff's Office Deputy, who is running against 18 year incumbent Sheriff Danny Dominguez in the Democratic Primary for Presidio County Sheriff.

Here is Caesar's statement:

I hearby announce to the citizens of Presidio County my intent to run against Danny Dominguez for the position of Sheriff of Presidio County.

I know that the Sheriff’s office has taken a dramatic downturn over the last few years. There is a severe lack of integrity, competence and accountability with Danny Dominguez. Unnecessary spending on vehicles that are only parked and hardly used, and his disregard to purchase necessary life saving and crime scene equipment for his officers. Investigations that are done poorly and resulting in negative consequences for the victims of crime due to lack of training. Certain citizens are not treated fairly while others enjoy total immunity from any consequences from the law. Complaints against a certain deputy for misconduct are dismissed and/ or never investigated. And the inability of not being able to communicate or work with the commissioners court in solving serious financial problems.

The citizens of Presidio County deserve a Sheriff that is competent to do the job at all levels. Not just by sitting behind the desk, but the ability to go into the field to handle calls and conduct a proper investigation without having to call an outside agency to do the job for him. A Sheriff that will train his officers correctly, but will discipline them for any type of misconduct against department policy or violations of state law. A Sheriff that will work with all county departments in solving problems, instead of creating them or refusing to work with the departments in finding a solution. A Sheriff that will be accountable for his actions and have the integrity and honor to admit when he is wrong, and not point fingers and place blame at others.

I have been a peace officer since 1998. I had the privilege to work with several agencies since and have gained a large amount of experience that I have put to use. I have conducted many investigations over the years involving violations state law. I am a certified tcole instructor, firearms instructor, as well as a defensive tactics instructor. I was also certified in private security levels 1, 2, 3, and executive and dignitary protection. I am presently a third degree black belt in Aiki-jujutsu, a first degree in Okinawa kempo karate and a former member of the OBC Judo team. And at present I am a student in Kodenkan Jiu-jitsu.  

If elected my promise to the citizens of Presidio County that I will bring back integrity and honor to this office. I will make sure every citizen is treated fairly and with respect. I will train and/ or seek the proper training for all staff so that the department will work at the highest level of productivity. I will work with all county and city departments at all levels to find solutions to make our communities a safe and pleasant place to live.

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