Sunday, June 01, 2008

Marfa City Council meeting 5/29 recap

Hi folks!

Here's the first in my series of short recaps of our city council meetings. I have been elected as one of five at-large councilmen. My term will last two years. We meet twice a month; on the second Tuesday and the last Thursday of each month.

Here's what happened this meeting and the councilman voting results:

Regular discussion and approval of previous meeting's minutes. No citizen comments during the citizen comment period. This meeting, incidentally, followed a somewhat contentious Parks and Rec Board public hearing where there were plenty of citizen commments.
City administrator's report discussed the (lack of) streetlights and potentially investing, long term, in a wind turbine. Also that the TWBD 1.2 million dollars for the new water treatment plant has still not been received. Job openings for lifeguard and pool director are still open. Asssistnt cook at the Nutrition center has been hired. Discussed the ORCA grant and some liability issues. Trinidad Pacheco is in training to be our new animal control officer.

Mayor's Report: diwscussed open meetings and freedom of information training. Swimming pool supplies are late and will be re-shipped. Commended the Marfa Girl's softball team on their great season.

Voting items:

I nominated councilman Scott May to replace the outgoing Lionel Salgado as Mayro Pro-Tem. Seconded by Rudy. Vote was unanimous.
We voted to appoint Thomas Schidt and Fairfax Dorn to the Zoning Board. All but Manny were in favor. Only objection there (mine and Manny's objection) was that nominees weren't at the meeting to answer potential conflict of interest questions.

Discussed at length the ad valorem tax note (interst and sinking funds. Approved unanimously although the draft officer did not come with his fee notes in hand and was evasive about audience questions. I would have voted against this one if this hadn't been merely the finalizing of this agreement which has been in the works for months. 4% rate, compounded yearly. $270,000 total loan over three years. Loan fees come off the top (so we're paying interest on those as well). Not how I would have liked to see it and the guy was kind of slick and maybe slimy. We'll see. My main concern that I voiced loudly was that all designated funds be spent on our fixed asset "to buy" list the previous council approved and amended back in March and April.

We approved changing the signature card at the bank to include me and Manny and to remove Lionel and Maria since they are no longer serving on council. (unanimous)

Approved the transfer of Parks and Rec money to the golf course for pump electric power funding. This had to do with the Golf Association's deal to pay the salary of Ernest in exchange for 6 months of power funding from the city. In the past the city has paid most or all of Ernest's salary. All voted in favor minus Scott May who dissented.
Tabled approving the Parks and Rec master plan pending further study and revision by Parks and Rec Board.

OK, that's it for now. Time to go to bed. _ David


Anonymous said...

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