Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My new radio show- Tuesdays from 11PM to 1AM CST

I have a new weekly radio show on Marfa Public Radio. The show is easily streamable via the internet by heading over to www.marfapublicradio.org
I have been at it for about a month now and am mostly playing old school R&B from the 70's-current (like KCOH AM 1430 in Houston). I would say that's about 60% of what the show is. The rest is fairly free-form but focuses on Texas music of all genres past and present. I play music from 11 PM to 1 AM Central Time and usually stay on until 2 AM playing more tunes but not commenting on aiir. The eventual idea is to expand the show to a full three hours with commentary, but I am not letting myself do that until I get this place over here built out and open. After that then we'll see if I'm up for a "real DJ" shift of three hours.
I am the only DJ on MPR that runs past 11 PM on any night. In fact, from about 8 to 10 PM on these same Tuesdays the station runs on "automated" format, that is, without a DJ. I opted for the late night since that's where I feel my music fits in best.
Hopefully someone out there (especially those in the Pacific Time Zone -9PM to 11PM) is listening!
The show is called "The Night Train Express", named after the rotgut wine sold down the street from the Continenatal Club in Houston at the "Winner's Corner" grocery store. When I go into the studio to make my basic playlist of what I'll be spinning that night I try to first channel my "Popeyes Fried Chicken" soundtrack back from when I worked there in the late 80's.
Lastly, I am answering the station's phone while I am running my show and will take basic requests. They may run the foloowing week since I may have to track the music down, but generally I'll either get to a request or sub out a different tune I feel may need to take its place (yeah you read that right!)(432) 729-4578


Ronnie said...

I heard the one that was posted on the colonelpod page, pretty cool stuff. Did Bill Shirley record it from the streaming feed or is it something you're going to now post as an mp3? A separate podcast feed for that would be pretty cool...

Anonymous said...


I love reading your posts about your new adventures out in Marfa...you lead an joy-filled life my dear...I love living vicariously through you now that my traveling days are over. I guess we won't be seeing you anytime soon up in Springfield, IL. We loved driving up from St. Louis to see the El Orbits play!

Annie (Denny) Lehrer

Michael Nicholson said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you play some Wilson Pickett?