Friday, September 18, 2015

2016 Proposed County budget scans- Table of Contents and Part 1

This was the handout for the proposed budget, including revenue statement and consolidated budget and all listed departments for the Presidio County 2016 Budget, which takes effect October 1st 2016. This is the proposed at the time it was distributed and has already been modified. Read the notes from the meeting on 9/15/2015 for more information regarding changes. The next meeting is in Presidio at the Courthouse Annex at 9 AM on Tuesday September 22nd.
There some scribbles in the margins that were some of my notes during the meeting. They are not necessarily totally accurate.

The pages in the following posts are the individual budget pages for each department and/or fund. 
There are just over 35 pages in all. Please feel free to leave a comment. Anonymous comments will not be approved but all others will, even if I disagree with the content. 

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