Friday, September 18, 2015

Budget pages for County Judge, District & County Clerk, Commissioners, VA Officer, Non-Departmental, JP1, JP2, abandoned motor vehicle fund, technology funds 1&2; aka pgs 1-10

Here's are the individual pages for the Presidio County Budget proposed as of before the meeting on 9/15/2015. Modifications were made to this budget during that meeting, but there is still an overall deficit in the County's overall budget.
The next meeting is Tuesday Sept 22nd at 9 AM in Presidio at the Courthouse Annex at 300 O'Reilly (FM 170). Public comments can be made at this meeting early during the public comment period. Sign in before the meeting to make a comment with the Judge's clerk.
Sorry the pages are not in exact order- I had a problem uploading them and couldn't seem to move them without starting over. DB

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