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Presidio County initial budget hearing Sept 4th 2015, Marfa

Presidio County Budget meeting, 10 AM 9/4/2015
This meeting was preceded by an informal meeting of many department heads on Wednesday the 2nd. Judge Guevara and Commissioner Vasquez were the only two members of Commissioners Court present. Individual line item budget issues were discussed with notes taken for revising certain details.
The overall budget, without a cost of living increase or pay raise otherwise for County employees and officials has a $192,629.49 deficit as written. Judge Guevara had expressed her desire to write wages between 5 and 10% across the board for county employees and officials.
Convene in Marfa at Commissioners Court on the Judge's office at 10:05 AM. All commissioners and county attorney present.
No public comments
Announcements: none by Judge
Commissioners: none
County dept heads
Judge announces that County has projected revenues of 7.7 million. Expenses are around 7.8 million. County is short funds without raises.
Judge asks all present to help make sure that County stays solvent. Asks commissioners to go forward and make cuts, be prudent.
At this point enter into executive session to discuss personnel matters.
10:36 reconvene
Airport budget:
Chase Snodgrass
Fuel sales: approx 400,000
Fuel costs: approx 300,000
Amounts budgeted for fuel sales nearly unchanged for FY 2016
Chase says without grants airports are on a break-even basis.
Says Presidio MMD granting funds for presidio airport improvements next year.
Chase proposes budgeting $100,000 for Presidio RaMP grant budget line. $25,000 from MDD, $25,000 from county, $50,000 from State matching funds.
RAMP program is for maintenance and repairs. Through TXDOT.
Chase is lobbying for max state grant funding (matching) of $100,000- $50,000 for Marfa airport, $50,000 for Presidio airport. City of Marfa has given $25,000 money towards airport improvements (longer term but no strings attached on how to use it as long as it is for improving airport). Budget line item needs to be re-written from draft copy. Does not reflect the PMDD $25,000 portion and match.
Reason Chase proposes 100,000 for Marfa airport is because county needs to anticipate pavement repairs. Major upgrade coming in 2019, gonna be a huge bill.
Fowlkes says that if money is budgeted for this year it needs to be spent this year.
Chase proposes renovating community hangar and turning it into the new terminal building. Also, one county owned hangar will be vacated this year; not big enough for most planes. Needs a plan. Hernandez confirms that he is asking for $50,000 county match for Marfa, $25,000 county match for Presidio. Fowlkes asks if lighting has been paid for. Chase says only engineering has been. Fowlkes says that money doesn't carry over. Asks where is that money in this year's budget. White mentions that county is already short, despite grant match funds he doesn't think county can afford it. Chase reiterates that he likes to maximize grant funding to catch up with 25 years of deferred maintenance at Marfa airport. Last year's RAMP funding budgeted at 40,000 for Marfa, 30,000 for Presidio (totals including match)
Chase says that approx 25,000 was spent last year for Marfa. Full amount spent in Presidio. Hernandez confirms that Chase is asking for additional funding over last year in total of $35,000. Overall budget difference in 2 budgets with lighting funding match totals is $92,000. 57,000 for lighting grant match.
Hernandez asks about CIP grant. Chase says we are fully committed to lighting CIP grant. Hernandez asks about using all grant funds allocated and what State's reaction to it would be. Chase says our reputation with state is greatly improving.
Parkhill Smith and Cooper engineering did a free analysis on conditions for RAMP. TXDOT wants us to use all the funding we can possible get since runways in Marfa need rebuild, have not been maintained. Carlos Nieto asks if Presidio airport could buy a used sweeper. Chase says funding not available at this point. Judge asks about runway conditions, obviously imperative. What about hangars improvements- optional? Chase says that we have a vacancy and fixing it properly is money well-spent. $25,000. Hernandez says he is in favor of maximizing grant funding for airports. Says we should make cuts elsewhere, take advantage of these monies. Says that by not spending money we lose money in business, asset conditions. Chase agrees. Says airport is last place to cut monies as far as bang for buck per dollar spent, reward to economy, grant effectiveness, etc. Large events in Marfa are dramatically increasing fuel sales on certain weekends.
Chase discusses fluctuation in fuel costs, predictability of profit margins not exact by any means. Volume really makes all the difference, not so much pricing as pricing is more or less matched up on purchase and sales sides. Chase wants to be conservative on fuel sales numbers. This year we exceeded projected revenue.
County has been in charge of sales for only one full year, essentially, not a lot of history regarding potential profits. Commissioners deliberate, crunch numbers further. Commissioner Hernandez definitely is taking a major interest in the airport issues at both airports.
Lighting improvements thigh CIP grant to cost total 971,330, TXDOT match is 90% at 874,197. Done deal. Will save money co power costs over time, major nighttime landing improvements, required by TXDOT for additional CIP grant to rebuild runways in 2019. Hernandez brings up that the added RAMP county monies will add more money to overall budget, commissioners trying to reduce the overall deficit. Chase requests an Excel copy from OMB of his budget to plug in numbers, etc.
Katie says she in unsure of overall increase to general budget. Updated numbers will be at meeting in Presidio on the 16th. Chase concludes his presentation. Aranda brings up that county will have to decide what dept, projects are higher priority than others, going to be hard. Carlos Nieto brings up sweeper again, says that if Chase does not add money for a sweeper there will never be one. Judge says we will have to make do for now with current situation re sweeper, which is that sweeper stays in Marfa generally and is moved every few months to Presidio to sweep. Marfa airport needs sweeping monthly, Presidio requires it every couple of months.
Sam Cobos announces that everyone parked on the perimeter of the courthouse needs to move their cars now because Marfa Lights vendors are arriving. Temporarily adjourn for people to move cars at 11:30.
11:47 AM reconvene with DA Rod Ponton asking for increase in budget for DA's office. Says increase is based on Pecos County decreasing their contribution based on decreased oil business property taxes. Pecos pretty much decreed that other counties would need to pay more so they can pay less. Asking for an additional approx $30,000 from Presidio County on top of what we are already paying. County proposed budget does not show an increase over the $41,200 we paid last year. Hernandez asks for documentation of case load for counties. Aranda asks how many employees are working in office. Rod has several in Pecos County and several in Brewster. Brewster county has already agreed to increase. Fowlkes points out that Pecos county has a 35 million dollar budget and serves only 4000 more people. Rod says Pecos County budget is really grim this year, asking for other counties to step up in their place. Says that extra 30,000 is in line with what Brewster County has added. Says without additional monies he will have to lay off employees. Judge asks about potential grants. Rod says he is using grant monies in addition to regular payments from Counties. Says he need to keep 2 offices, one in Alpine, one in Fort Stockton. Judge asks about caseload for district court in Presidio County right now. Rod says about 20 cases right now, going to be about double soon, they come in waves. Several major trials coming up. Lobbies for increase, says county will still be below population and case percentage with regard to other Counties. Says we have been underpaying for years. Jeff Davis county pays $21,000, has much smaller caseload and population. Judge mentions that Presidio County has provided an additional vehicle through Sheriff's Office and insurance for same truck paid by Presidio County. Needs to be factored in with these negotiations. Rod says even with Presidio County increase he'll be down approx 20% from last year. Rod says he has 8 employees, in line with previous DA's in this area. Has a lawyer funded by a grant, Rod is paid by State. Hernandez mentions that Rod has zero employees that live or work in Presidio County. Judge says that for now all we can do is work on rest of budget, try to find money, makes no promises. Deputy Joel Nunez stands up and mentions his support for Rod's office and investigators. Also, vehicle that has been allotted to him was a prosecution acquired vehicle, at no cost to County. Investigators are always available to the sheriff's office and are a great help.
Fowlkes says that it's hard to trace seizure monies and that most of what we get goes back before Rod's time. Rod says he has no recollection of anything recently awarded in a Presidio County case. Fowlkes says there is approx $60,000 in seized funds account potentially available. Hernandez mentions that paperwork on a certain case has not been done, dating back pre- Rod's tenure. What is the status? Rod believes it is in process. Rod also mentions some revenue from district court and state court finals that goes to county from DA's office efforts.
End of presentation. Rod thanks everyone. Commissioner Vasquez wants to allocate an additional $20,000. Says hopefully could get to thirty but for now we should plan on this number. Fowlkes brings up that $60,000, unknown how to use it but we should look into it. Rod will look into it with Fowlkes and could possibly be used if it qualifies. Rod says $20,000 is a good start, thanks. White says we need to wait on all this, go through everything first then allocate.
Judge grants a 45 minute break for lunch at 12:08 PM.
Back at 12:50.
Ruben Carrasco road and bridge dept.
Hernandez asks about potential cuts, wants Ruben to decide where to make cuts nice number is decided on.
Water truck and dump truck needed. White says that county can finance purchases of these items. Need shade over equipment. No new employees budgeted- instead would rather get some equipment. County's equipment very old, often down for repairs.
20% down from John Deere for used equipment. Approx $20,000 needed for both items.
Last year $400,000 budgeted in tax office license receipts for road and bridge, so far about 260,000 actually received.
Hernandez says to add $30,000 to budget for now until overall is sorted out. TXDOT is currently selling all their equipment and moving to leasing everything. Possibly able to purchase something used from them.
Equipment down payment also requires a monthly or annual payments, not budgeted. Aranda recommends locating surplus equipment if possible. $6,500 allocated for capital outlay for FY 2016, last year was $13,000.
Carrasco also responsible for capital projects. $5,000 allocated for capital outlay in capital projects. Equipment maintenance already spent $18,500 this year. Next year allocated $16,500. Shop and yard repairs, building brought up for south county lot.
Total requested is $22,500 for machinery and capital to potentially get new equipment.
At this point there are multiple conversations going on, difficult to follow...
Proposed to have a total of 23,000 for capital outlay between R&B and capital projects.
At this point I am confused as to why, if these two budgets are being treated as interchangeable, they are not consolidated into one. This is very confusing.
End of presentation.
Parks: Sam Cobos
Parks north budget includes golf course and Vizcaino park. South Parks includes Redford School.
Aranda wants to include city of Presidio parks in south parks budget.
Parks north dealt with first. Cobos would like to separate golf course budget from Vizcaino park budget.
Judge agrees.
City of Marfa golf course contract. Cobos says MGA still has a balance owed to county of approx $30,000. Difficult to make projections regarding income, possible collections for next year. Unknown how long MGA has been carrying balance. Cobos says that since MGA transferred $50,000 this year, unknown how long that built up. White says to ask, find out. Frances says about 24,000 is collected per year. Commissioners decide on projected revenues at around $25,000/$30,000.
Hernandez wants to use low projection to be safe. Says let's go $25,000, judge says let's go $30,000. Frances weighs in. Judge agrees to set it at $25,000 with people looking into it.
As far as I know the City of Marfa is not contributing any money to the golf course for FY 2016.
Proposed Budget for parks (proposed by Cobos) went up by $70,000. Cobos says Salvador had been paid by road and bridge and now is coming out of parks north. That alone adds approx $25,000. Ernest and Mario's salaries stay the same. Prior budgets had Ernest's and Mario's salaries underfunded by approx three thousand dollars total. Hernandez asks questions about prior budgets, salaries, funding.
No correlating decrease in road and bridge funding re Salvador's salary.
Willie Hernandez also paid out of parks north for airport mowing, fuel help, some duties at Vizcaino.
Increases in budget include repairs and maintenance by approx $12,000. Last year budgeted was $5,000; spent $15,000. Adjusted up to $17,000.
Cobos says budget is based on actuals YTD.
Increase in operating supplies by $5,500.
White brings up that Cobos has 4 budget pages, difficult to differentiate where expenses come from, would be better as a consolidated page. (I agree)
Several cuts from original budget proposal made, noted on budget sheets. Nothing is final.
Judge refused Ernest's request to lease aerating equipment. Eliminates uniforms line item.
One problem with this particular expense sheet is that last year's budget was far exceeded; additional responsibilities for cleaning, maint will fall onto county that had been taken care of by MGA.
Tree removal costs have been subtracted. Replacement of trees not funded, although Cobos says that dead ones will be removed. AG rep is donating trees to parks north, Also one to Presidio area. Texas Foresters will plant a few of them.
With all proposed cuts budget comes out to just over $176,000, down from $197,000.
Cobos mentions that he wanted to include monies for repairing lights, bathrooms at Vizcaino. Lots of maintenance issues there that need to be addressed.
Effect on overall budget essentially minimal after revenue, expenditure cuts here. Katie says will investigate revenue numbers further.
South parks budget. Aranda asks for separation of Redford center and Presidio parks assistance budgets.
$15,000 for repair and maint for Redford. No mindy budgeted currently for Presidio parks assistance. Cobos wanted $15,000 in misc for that, not shown on budget.
Judge notes that monies this year have not been spent, why? Cobos says that Redford school is about to get a lot more usage, monies will be spent on cleaning, maint, supplies, etc. Judge asks more questions regarding actual numbers. Hernandez wants to know who will be responsible for cleaning, etc.
Cobos says there will be a facility use form to be sure center is not abused, people are responsible. Judge wants to know why can't county road and bridge personnel be assigned to maintain, clean once a month.
Judge wants to cut operating supplies from $3,000 to $1,500. Reduced to $2,000.
Aranda wants to encourage use, now that things are nicer.
Carlos Nieto asks whether superintendent Peters had asked to take back Redford School. Judge says that there is no further information. Dead issue.
Cobos asks about south county parks assistance monies. Not on budget, proposed at $15,000 to city of Presidio parks. Aranda wants separate budget page for this. For now going under Misc on South Park budget page. Commissioner Hernandez wants at least $15,000 for south county parks. Adds $15,000 in overall expenses to county budget. Nieto says county has a duty to help kids since school district is losing funding. White asks if Hernandez really wants to increase last year's funding to Presidio by $5,000. Yes, at least says Hernandez. Judge brings up that Marfa city parks don't get any money. I bring up that the PMDD contributes to county, Marfa has no development district to contribute, evens out generally since communities made different decisions on the added sales tax money entities.
Judge clarifies that commissioners rally want to increase this budget by this mouth given financial problems within the county. Hernandez notes that north parks got similar, larger increase.
Presidio needs a large chain link fence for their big park, wants county help, MDD help. Nieto says that school district can provide labor. Cobos says materials for fencing a field that large are around 10-15,000. There is some money left over in this year's budget that could be used. Approx $5,000. White brings up that deadline for purchases has passed for 2015. No more purchase requisitions to be issued unless it's an emergency. Hernandez is shocked. Now wants $20,000 for next year's contribution since he didn't use it up this year.
Multiple discussions. Hard to hear what's going on at this point.
Nieto complains about golf course funding, not fair to Presidio. Angry that available money from last year was not spent.
Marfa Lights Fest music audible in room. Lynyrd Skynryd.
County Annex
Cobos says he can reduce labor by a bit. Says there's a lot of maintenance to be done. Roof leaks, painting interior. Wants more money for maint supplies.
Fuel budget was not included in last year. Billy needs a fuel budget to get to airport for mowing, Redford school for maintenance. Proposes $1,500.
Judge says would like to revise to $1,200
For last six months Billy has used $550.
Nieto asks about leaks, potential sewer line problem. Cobos says problem in annex foxed, across the street has same problem, wind blows odor into annex sometimes.
$10,500 asked for repairs, nothing budgeted previous 2 years.
$4,000 increase in utilities.
Copier in JP 2 office equipment lease is $2,000.
$5,500 for capital outlay for refrigeration unit for courtroom, equipment is old, stressed. Nieto asks about energy efficiency upgrade for lighting system. Cobos says that there are companies that want to do a countywide assessment. Will present later this year once proposals are gathered.
Courthouse in Marfa
Head of dept: up from $45,000 to $55,000. Judge says reduce to $37,500. Joking all around.
Ari's salary: $22,422.67
Maria: $14560.00
Total personnel costs: $109,109.20 including benefits.
Office supplies: $1,500
Maint supplies: $3,000
Operating supplies: cleaning, etc, $5,800.00 Judge says $4,500. Agreed.
Maintenance contract: elevator, fore alarm, heating and A/C: $12,000. Judge cuts to $11,500. No current foe alarm contract, Cobos expects $1,500
Fuel budget, none in past, proposes $2,000
Utilities up from $17,000 last year to $26,000. Actual YTD $21,000. Estimated $24,000 for FY 2015. Cobos expects rate increases.
Repairs and maintenance: proposed $40,500, cut to $35,000
Capital outlay: reduced from proposed $15,000 to $5,000
Overall amended total is $197,000.
End of presentation
Break at 2:45
Reconvene at 3:00
Sheriff's Office budget (does not include jail budget, which is an enterprise fund)
Proposed budget virtually unchanged from last year. Increase of approx $11,500 in total. Mostly for training, capital outlay, maintenance, communication.
Sheriff not in attendance. Deputy Joel Nunez and assistant Shanna Elmore here to represent. Sheriff out of town, let Judge know that Joel Nunez would present.
Judge says Sheriff requested three new deputies. Judge says she sent budget the same, can make amendments. Joel says City of Marfa pays over $200,000 for 2 deputies. Also, if county plans to apply for grants and need to be budgeted. Grants cover overtime only, do not provide for new deputies. If county wants more deputies, then they will have to fund the positions.
Hernandez asks how much hiring new deputies would increase budget. Approx $100,000 extra, one reimbursed by city. Aranda asks is City is definitely in for hiring new deputies. Joel says so far sheriff has negotiated it and it looks like it will happen.
White asks if there is an existing legal contract between the city of Marfa and the county. Judge says it's not signed. White says therefore it's not legal; all contracts need to be approved by commissioners court. Silence.
Judge retrieves last year's (current) contract. Hunt never signed it. Pays $117,000 currently. County has currently received around 92,000 from city this year. Fowlkes says to add deputy is going to go up to $160,000 from city. Proposed 6 deputies for county, three for south and 3 for north.
White asks Nunez for justification for mor officers. Nunez says based on 24 hour schedule it's self explanatory. White asks for actual need based on stats. Nunez says it's about coverage, not stats. Judge clarifies that for 24 hour coverage it's overtime or regular time, more deputies to cover saves money, provides coverage. Nunez says that county is obligated to pay for all hours worked. Nannies says that between himself and other deputy in so county they are responsible to be on call for approx 200 hours each. Right now relying on Marfa officers for help in times of need. Cites answering calls for assistance, no reports necessarily generated, helping citizens and providing service; not always documented but providing service.
Hernandez asks about officers/Stonegarden. Can new officers do Stonegarden? Yes, Nunez answers. What about other officers from other agencies? Hernandez pushes for hiring part timers for Stonegarden,
Nunez pushes for extra deputies. Judge mentions comp time hours, everyone in Sheriffs office has far more comp time hours than permitted. Deputy Garcia has over 500 hours comp time. Joel has over 300. White asks about county policy for comp time. Limit is 70 hours. Joel says that they stopped using overtime, hoping for Stonegarden money. Commissioners specify that thee is a limit. Fowlkes bring up that limit for law enforcement is more, around 200 or slightly more.
Joel says he understands the situation, but that officers are really never totally off duty. White says that is a choice they make when they go into the job.
Aranda says that commissioners may be able to allocate some only for part timers, try to help. Nunez says that they are working more hours than they are paid for by choice, they are doing it, but are asking for some time off, need help. Thanks Aranda for the proposals, but we need another deputy, at least down south. Must provide coverage, right now there is no room for error and they are covering it.
Hernandez says that one full time salary can provide for three part timers to cover.
Nunez says that a misconception is that since Marfa pays for a deputy it appears like there is more county coverage in north county. Marfa officer has a duty to city of Marfa. White asks about City of Presidio police. Nunez says that city of Marfa deputy will not be able to assist outside of city limits when on duty. Presidio PD can't help county. Nunez says that in a perfect world they could all help each other out, but they can't. Aranda is about when county can begin with grant. Judge says 2014 grant funding still there, can be used. Nunez says he doesn't know. Advocates for use. Hernandez says that perfect solution is to hire three part time deputies in south county and then grants can kick back in. White asks how county can ask all departments to cut back but have a major increase in this one department. Nunez says grant can fund "auxiliary personnel" and hours over part time base can be grant funded.
White asks how Terrell County does it. Nunez says that they are on salary, salaried employees can make extra money for extra hours. Nunez reiterates that all he is providing is basic factual information. Katie says we are under suspension for the grants, it could be quite a while. Hernandez pushes for funding for an additional.
Carlos Nieto reminds everyone that South American immigrants are coming over in Presidio County more and more because of the increased enforcement in South Texas. More stress on Sheriff's Office. Need more funding for deputies, autopsies.
Hernandez says he is looking at revenue from grants, fuel, trucks, etc.
Nunez says that they are waiting on funding, not patrolling as much because grants have stopped. Asking for more deputies, grant funding. SO can do a better job of serving the citizens with more resources, funding, like in the past.
Judge wants to know if part time deputies would help or full time? Aranda wants to form an account that Sheriff can access when he needs extra help. Hernandez says it's better to hire multiple part timers because the grant can reimburse the full timers instead of accumulating comp time while part timers work some of the other hours.
Nunez says that as budget is written it reflects the numbers as county's full share if Marfa had not reimbursed. Hernandez wants to clarify additional cost to county.
Right one county's share is 154,036. Adding two more is $230,000. City of Marfa would still cover the two.
$76,000 extra requested for salaries plus benefits. Nunez says there will be increased revenue with extra officers.
Hernandez says what if we don't do this this way? Wait on grants... Nunez says they can keep going for now, not optimal, wait on grants. Nunez says the plan is not to participate in Stonegarden unless new hires are made. Hernandez clarifies that Nunez is asking for help, more hands. Nunez says yes, right now staff is stretched thin. Hernandez asks if salaries could be loved for new hires, would they work for that plus Stonegarden. Nunez says there is a concern for equal treatment, plus pay is already pretty low. Nunez says at this point, any help is welcomed. Aranda reintroduces proposal to set aside some money for emergency funding. Nunez says that once Stonegarden kicks in they will have plenty of funding, it would be good.
White mentions that findings of audit have not yet been addressed. Back and forth between Nunez and Hernandez about how great the grants would be, solve problems with new part timers, decisions do not have to be made today.
Nunez had responsibility for dispatch, Shanna is on there for $24,373 and change. Requesting an increase in hours, 6 more per pay period. She now supervises dispatch. Approx $2,500 extra for her, rather than accumulating comp time hours.
Otherwise, other items and expenses may need to be raised slightly if more deputies are added. Asset forfeiture monies should be deposited into general fund as per Sheriff.
Judge clarifies that separate page for dispatch budget may come into account with regard to this budget.
Nunez says no other requests beyond increase in deputies, slight raise for Shanna, anything small related to same. Does mention that south county deputies need a he computer, it's been 8 years.
Judge asks to make capital outlay line item from $6,500 to 4,500.
Revenues from other entities: $38,232.00
Expenses listed at $10,000 (?)
First year for this page in the budget sheet, previously attached to Sheriffs budget.
Jail budget:
Federal per dime reimbursement:
$1.8 million. Just over 1.9 million total revenues.
165,000 budgeted to repair air conditioning, transfer from jail fund.
Jail is fully staffed, Gracie confirms.
White asks if there is enough money in budget for repairs and maintenance. Yes says Gracie.
4 senior officers. 9 jailers.
Recently passed jail inspection.
3 food service workers, all paid the same.
Plant manager needs to be hired. Budgeted at $30,430. Last year budgeted, never hired, Sergio Carrasco came in on days off to work for extra dollars.
White mentions that the jail has been a tremendous success under Gracie's management, should put a priority on maintenance to keep dollars flowing, potentially raise salary offer for maintenance person, could work some in other county departments. Maintenance of jail is critical. Commissioners raise proposed salary to $38,000 for maintenance person. Comes out of jail fund, which has a large balance.
Operating expenses: need cell phones, using personal phones right now.
Operating supplies: reflects actual costs- formerly budgeted at $30,000, asks for $60,000. Katie clarifies that operating supplies are not the same as repair and maintenance supplies. Need to move some of this request to repairs and maintenance to be accurate. Possibly can reduce sourly safety and sanitation line item. Transportation budgeted at $45,000 previously, asking for $20,000. Also wants a new van. 2 in operation, one broken. White asked why it can't be fixed. Unknown. Nobody knows what is wrong with it. Doors are bent. Judge says maybe we should sell it. White wants to fix it. Moving on...
Gracie asks to remove waste services line (never has used it) needs professional services line for Nectar Computers to come out and work on computers. $1200 on both sides of this topic.
Prisoner board: expenses for food and supplies. $125,000 per year. Medical for prisoners $30,000. Both these amounts are unchanged from last year.
Utilities increase from $50,000 to $90,000 because they are now paying for Sheriff's side of the building. Fowlkes asks about solar panels on roof, Gracie says she doesn't know, there's a lock on them. Judge Hunt installed 3 or 4 years ago. Fowlkes doesn't know if they were ever hooked up, grant funded at $100,000.
Capital outlay: 172,000 budgeted, estimate of repair work for AC is more like $367,000 according to White. Need new ice machine as well. Need washer and dryer, old ones are obselete, no longer viable or fixable. Parapet on front of building needs repair, rebuild.
Multiple conversations going on, can't hear what's being discussed.
Judge makes motion to adjourn at 4:38.
End of meeting.
Budget items to be discussed, revisited after revisions at County meeting Tuesday 9 AM at courthouse in Marfa.

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