Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Marfa City Council meeting 9/8/2015

Marfa City Council 8/8/2015 6PM
I got there at 6:05. No apparent citizen comments.
Minutes: approved
No mayor's report
City Administrator's Report:
Grant approved for street improvements to include streets impacted by sewer project in southwest side of city.
Employee matters: temporary employee for tourist center has resigned (Cate Schrim)
Easement with west Stripes: agreement may be coming, gas lines under back of building built over city easement. Stripes is worried about impact to business, should not be a problem according to Nacho.
Austin street rebuild project will be started in the spring; some patching has been done. Too late to do the whole project- weather too risky for getting bids this late in the year.
Bids for El Paso infrastructure project (grant funded) will be asked for fairly soon.
Water well drilling project coming along; more paperwork.
Old business:
Multi Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan: Marisa Quintanilla from COG. With plan FEMA funding can be accessed in the case of a Presidential disaster declaration (covered in County meeting earlier today). 75/25 cash or in kind match FEMA/municipality. Some cash can be available even without a Presidential declaration. Actions in plan are not mandatory, just recommended. Items in plan can be proactive, e.g. Backup generators, etc. this agreement covers City of Presidio, Presidio County and City of Marfa. Plan identifies some existing hazards such as flooding, fires, high winds, ice, extreme heat and cold, etc. plan covers acts of nature but does not include HazMat situations such as train derailments. If there is a plan adopted some monies may be available even if things are not directly described in the plan if a Presidential Disaster is declared. Revision: hazMat is covered in this plan with regard to certain railroad accidents. More discussion.
Josie Simpson makes motion to approve. Seconded by Peter Stanley. Unanimous.
New Business:
Adopt budget ordinance for City of Marfa 2016 budget.
Manny asks about Presidio County contribution to Marfa EMS. I let then know that at this point the County proposed budget still has $30,000 allotted to EMS for city but that could change.
Josie Simpson makes motion, Manny seconds. Unanimous vote to accept budget as presented.
Item #2 - ratify tax increase related to budget. Motion to conform that more revenue will be raised this year than last. Peter Stanley moves to ratify tax increase. Despite tax rate being lowered, city will raise more money than last year. Unanimous
Item #3 levying ad valorem taxes for the city of Marfa and providing for the interest and sinking fund. Adopt tax rate, divided into M&O and I&S. 1.56% decrease in tax rate. Manny moves to accept. .44300 per $100 of valuation. Unanimous.
Action for closing street for Marfa Film fest. Manny moves to table.
Next item: 2 applicants for Board of Adjustments. Planning and Zoning has 4 people, should have 5. Members include Vilis Inde, Lucy Garcia, Thomas Schmidt, and Cory Van Dyke.
Rosie Garcia, John Walker, Jane Wiemers and Ann Dunlap. Need 5 members and three alternates. Alternates do attend all meetings.
Applicants include Julie White and and Irma Salgado. Manny nominates Irma as a member and Julie as alternate. Unanimous
Megan Geraty nominated to Zoning Board. Mark Scott moves to nominate. Unanimous. Manny asks about any rules for attendance with regard to expulsion in boards. Mustard clarifies no rules. Problem has not been attendance, membership in general is the issue.
6) Proposed contract for library copy machine. New contract replaces existing contract with same vendor. New machine will be color and B&W. People have requested color option. Manny asks about Multi function machine. Library already has multiple machines. Old copier kind of worn out and now contact is actually cheaper by a hair.
Mark Scott makes motion to approve contract and copy rates. Manny seconds. Unanimous.
7) accounts payable and expenditure reports for August
Statement of revenue and expenditures included. Dunlap notes the YTD annual budget totals versus the YTD actuals. Very close to matching up; includes depreciation through end of year.
Manny asks about Skelton trucking. Hauling caliche for city and other aggregate.
Talking about Coffield ballpark improvements underway.
Gas company supplies mentioned by Peter Stanley. Mustard confirms vendor out of Corpus Christi status.
Josie asks about Mac building floor maintenance. Minerva confirmed that vendor used some caulking on old floor. Floor should still be under warranty, not perfect.
Josie makes motion to approve both reports. Seconded by Genevieve. Unanimous.
Adjourn at 7:00 PM

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