Tuesday, May 02, 2006

By the way, I saw the Medicine Show at the Houston Roller Derby prom
They were remarkably better than the aforementioned show at Helios last year. Nota bene- some people were upset that The Meridian was nowhere near as intimate a setting for them as Helios, etc. I, though, they sounded better amplified and I was actually able to decipher what was going on. Plus, I believe they played originals that weren't just jams at Derby Prom (4/22). Better.
Thinking about fried chicken. there are so many good friend chicken places here in Houston. There's absolutely no excuse to go to the embarassment called KFC that once was a proud and quality franchise. Poor Col Sanders- i would love to save him from the eternal hell he must be going through watching his pride and joy become a total pile of crap.
Just a few names of great Fried Chicken in Houston:
Henderson's Chicken Shack, next to TSU, 3rd Ward
Frenchy's Fried Chicken, multiple locations, Creole style
Popeyes Fried Chicken- choose location and food carefully and it will pay of grandly
The Breakfast Klub, Travis at Alabama- you know what I'm talking about
There are way more, but I can promise you that any of these places will rock, especially anything near UH, TSU and downtown.
gas is $3 a gallon. I would like for it to go up to $3.50. I drive a truck that gets less than 10 MPG. My other one gets about 14. I barely drive now. Public transit rules. I will be working transportation costs into my gig prices, since that's essentially the only time I drive these days. Metrorail is the answer- citywide!

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