Friday, May 05, 2006

Great bands tonight at the Continental Club.
It's Cinco De Mayo and for once I'm actually really excited about being around the club all night. Actually, I might go to my parents' house to sleep, since they are in Italy and I need to be up at 6 AM to play the Sprint For Life M.D. Anderson Cancer Center fun run. I will definitely catch some of the show before I split, though. The music won't stop here until 1:45 at the earliest since it's the Cinco De Mayo party featuring Los Skarnales and Los Super Vatos. Los Super Vatos features David De la Garza from La Mafia (he;'s the best singing keyboardist around) and Bubba Hernandez on bass (formerly from Brave Combo). Artie Villasanchez plays guitar. He's the only guy that can play Santana licks and make me like them. he usually plays with Sancho and Norma Zenteno.
I just can't believe it's supposed to pour down rain tomorrow. I have two outdoor gigs. Rough.

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