Monday, May 01, 2006

I got some more info on LouieDollars. he's been around S.A. for quite some time, relatively unknown out of the incredibly insulated S.A. hip hop scene, is on myspace, and has a real website as well with several members of his clique. Check out -that's where he's at along with his DJ (DJ Teknik) and a few others.
I would like to go ahead and say that I truly believe that Jay Moeller, Gary Clark Jr. and a few of their crew will later become the face of "Austin's great roots music scene of the early century". That scene is basically made up of them and a few others. That is a scene which technically doesn't exict in name today, but I think people will refer back to it, much like the "great Austin rock band scene of the early 90's" which "included" my band Banana Blender Surprise, Little Sister, Sunflower, Soul Hat, The Ugly Americans, Ging'Breadmen, Rhythm Child, Pushmonkey, and a whole bunch more. That era ended with Vallejo and Breedlove in the late 90's. I would be willing to bet that the grand totaly number of cassettes and CDs these bands SOLD (not pressed or promoed) under these names (minus Soul Hat and not including Sister 7) is under 25,000.
Back to Jay M and Gary. These guys are so dam good it's sick. Magic occurs when they play. Relaxed, quality, high and medium energy virtuosity. I'm not sure they have any hit songs in tthem at all, as the originals seem a little weak, but they can groove Jimmy Reed better than anyone else under 55. Catch 'em at the Continental in Austin several times per week.
Word on he Houston Texans- Charley Casserly= bad PR. Time for thhis white guy in the office to go work for the league where his crap will fly. That being said, I think Williams will be a great player and Kubiak knows what he's doing.
Rockets= garbage. Yao Ming is awesome. McGrady is damaged, but still great. Alston and Head are good, not great. Van Gundy will get another year and then things may turn around. The real problem is Alexander. Crappy owner= crappy product. Nobody even considers paying to see this team with the prices at Toyota Center as they are. $20 to park? How did he get the city and county to sign off on restricting all on-street parking around the area during games so that fans are forced to park in the garage or in a pay lot? I hope Bill White installs some new "smart" parking meters all around there that charge, say, $6 by wireless CC transaction (this program is actually underway in Houston) to park IN FRONT of the stadium. CityDollars how about? To pay for the stadium!!!!
Astros= shaky, but better than I expected. Backe out for any period of time is bad. I think Lidge's arm may be atrting to go- I know mine would after only a few years. I think my voice feels like a pitcher's arm these days. Clemens? Hopefully, probably.

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