Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'll be seeing James Brown tonight at the Verizon. Sometimes it pays to wait to buy tix at the last minute. I got 2 tickets (myself and Christy Kern from the Aqua Velva are going) in row E, table 5. That's about ten rows of seats back from the stage, relatively centered (cabaret setup). I must have lucked into some last-minute release tix because these were already sold three days ago. Verizon is a notoriously nice but lame venue- we'll see if the Godfather of Soul can turn the tables.
I'm picking up a new Fender speaker cabinet for my bass (50 watt tube style cab- 12 low watt 12's) at Allen's speaker on 19th today. I paid a good but for this new repro cabinet, but it should be worth it. Allen's also has a 1965 blackface Fender Deluxe (no reverb) on sale for $700. Dale did a fresh speaker recone (Oxxford speaker original) and Hoss went through the amp to check the electronics. I'd say that's a great deal. I have no extra cash or I'd buy it myself.
Wow, there's a lot more stuff to talk about, but i'll save it for post James Brown- David

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