Friday, May 05, 2006

Voice problems
Well, years of using my voice to its fullest extent has been taking its toll, and today I made an appointment with my voice doctor, Richard Stasney. The voice is not recovering like it used to and I'm feeling something on he left side. The resonance is also different. I'm afraid this may be the beginning of a new era for me musically. Actually, that would be fine; I can hear Dr Stasney telling me to limit my singing time and to reduce vocalization in general. I wouldn't totally be surprised if I have nodes or nodules and have to have some surgery- after all I've been singing for 20 years in bands and never stopped talking throughout.
If any of this is the case, I believe it will signal the end of the El Orbits, at least as we are known now. No more three hour shows, Monday nights or any of that stuff and lots more rotating vocal duties between band members. Thomas would need to step up to the plate and truly become the center vocalist. As for me, more drums and bass work outside of the band, and maybe even joining a band like The Alterego which plays pretty seldomly.
Wow, what an interesting concept. I guess I'll know more on May 15th when they give me the news. By the way, the reason I barely go to the voice doctor is that the diagnostic visit alone is $1000 and my insurance pretty much refuses to pay. It might be time to sell more of my dwindling stock holdings...

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