Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Back on it. And plan to post Presidio County related news regularly

I attended the Trans-Pecos pipeline forum in Presidio last night. Of about 50 attendees it seemed like a fairly split group, with the opponents outnumbering the non-opponents among speakers. I am of the opinion that as this has gone on, the crowds have dwindled somewhat because those who don't educate themselves, regardless of whether for or against, have gotten fatigued.
What this means is that the speakers in general are far more interesting and the questions have gotten much more detailed. The answers have been more informative, and for me, quite interesting in the WAY certain questioned are answered and/or addressed.
Not too much new was learned by me on this project, other than specifics regarding engineering and specs that most people would be incredibly bored by (I really like that stuff). One interesting matter is the way they'll be pulling the pipe beneath the Rio Grande. 70 feet below ground, as one 1000 foot plus segment. Lots of engineering logistics there, as well as hydrology and testing...
I asked about the process of eminent domain hearings out here if in case it gets to that point. It turns out that Judge Ferguson would be the presiding judge over those hearings and that he would appoint a committee to serve on an advisory panel. There's more to it, and a ruling in District Court could be appealed to the State Court of Appeals, but it was interesting to learn this.
Good points were made on both sides of the controversy regarding the construction, which is why I find that attending the meetings in Presidio County is more interesting to me than what I read about the ones in Alpine. Alpine has divergent issues with this project, and no real upside to their city, so I understand. Also, they have no proximity to Mexico and are not culturally (and familiarly) linked to Ojinaga and the greater State of Chihuahua.
Also clarified at this meeting was that it was the final public forum regarding the pipeline by Energy Transfer Partners until they conduct job fairs for employment on construction (likely a Pumpco event). Judge Guevara had requested a Marfa meeting, which has been apparently denied.
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