Monday, July 27, 2015

More info to come soon...

I have acquired some new information regarding the audit and fallout from it that I will wait to post... until after tomorrow's (Tues) Commissioners Court meeting in Presidio, which is at 4 PM in the courthouse annex.

There is also a PIPA bridge expansion meeting tomorrow I will attend. There's good news in the bridge expansion, as well as some reported progress on the rebuilding of the old South Orient Railroad bridge across the Rio Grande. The existing rail bridge burned up a few years back in two cases of arson. The South Orient Rail Line runs from San Angelo to Presidio, where it crosses the river and runs all the way through Chihuahua City and the Sierra Madre mountain range to the Port of Tompoboleo. The rail line took approximately 80 years to build to completion and operated under a number of railroad companies. Currently the line is not operational south of Belding, near Fort Stockton, but plans by TXDOT, which owns the rail line and its licensee Texas Pacifico (which has the contract to operate it) to renovate the line seem to be an eventual reality. Across the border there are reports that the Chihuahuan government is interested in increasing train tourism on the line and re-extending service to Ojinaga. Currently the train runs from Chihuahua City to Tompoboleo.

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