Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summary of Auditor's Results, Presidio County, Year Ended September 30th, 2014

This post covers information in Section One of the Schedule of Findings in the Audit.

Notes in parentheses are my own statements, not to be regarded as anything but my own opinions and/or communications

Financial Statements:

Type of audit report issued: Adverse

Internal Control over financial reporting:
* Material weakness identified?   Yes
* Significant deficiencies identified?  Yes
Non-compliance material to financial statements noted?  Yes

Federal Awards:

Internal control over major programs:
* Material weaknesses identified? Yes
* Significant weaknesses identified? Yes

Type of auditor's report issued on compliance for major programs: Qualified (one step up from adverse)

Any audit findings disclosed that are required to be reported in accordance with section 510(a) of Circular A-133?  Yes

Identification of Major Programs:
CFDA # 97.067- Operation Stonegarden
CFDA # 20.205- U.S. 67 Presidential Permit

Dollar threshold used to distinguish between Type A and Type B programs: $300,000

Auditee qualified as low-risk Auditee? No

(this is first page -the summary of the findings- I will go through each finding over the next couple of weeks)

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