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Commissioners Court notes 4/28/2015

PCCC 04/28/2015
All present.
Hot Springs commentary;
Roads to hot springs are in bad shape.
"Never had a problem before"
"The point system ain't working"
Drives a small car, damage to vehicle.
"Worst it's been in 27 years."
Chambers-reiterate comments on Ruidoso road.
7 mile stretch has not been maintained this year.
Judge Bishop- Jessica says she has been having a problem with the courtroom in Presidio being left open in the PM.
Courtroom security. Recommends cameras.
Lunceford- US Golf Association. Pro Tour Events. Partners with Hilton/ Callaway golf. Wants to create a destination golf course, 18 holes, small hotel on property. "destination golf"
judge Guevara will meet with Lunceford tomorrow. 
County has no current agreement with MGA
County Judge:
$50,500 received from MGA. Corresponds with budgeted amount.
Sylvia Parker suit continuing. Records been turned in by co judge and sheriff.
Atty Richard Bonner taking care of this.
Richard Newell. Calling requesting info on the dark skies ordinance. Ordinance not signed by Judge Hunt. Needs to be re-voted on and adopted next meeting.
Chispa Rd- judge Guevara drove it and saw Quonset huts. May be GLO property. 
Research ownership.
Commissioners comments:
Loretto attended meeting as a Judge Guevara's proxy. COG.
Dept activity reports
Judge Bishop:
March- $21,978.00
Oct-March $91,000 +
Ruben Carrasco: capital projects- 
Ruben says he has been taking care of the roads. 
Will finish Nopal rd project and then will move back into Pinto Canyon and Hot Springs rd area. County now adding material to the roads when they grade, unlike in past. Builds up center of roads so that they last longer, in better shape.
Losing speed limit signs on Hot Springs and Pinto Canyon roads. Moving to plastic signs.
Will fix roads under complaint today or tomorrow.
Presidential Permit. Jake not here; attending meeting in El Paso today. Judge wants to schedule a PIPA meeting for next week. Tabled / no action.
S&B dragging feet, looking for more money.
Norma Arroyo- 
March report. 68,450. Collections for year at 86%.
Perdue is working on delinquent accounts.
YTD 2,447,000.91 collections +-
Chase Snodgrass-
Presidio airport rotating beacon installed and working. AEP assisted greatly. PMDD participated as well. No cost to county.
Residents at Marfa airport, eyesore issue, etc. 
fuel sales good. 
Presidio nearly double last year. 30% of Marfa's sales. 
Hernandez wants to give AEP some recognition. Puts Chase in charge.
Lorenzo asks to have item 11 moved up for presentation.
Golf tournament for Presidio non-profit- this past weekend. Asking for fee to be waived. $600. Raising funds for sending 5 boys to basketball camp in San Antonio. 
Back to item 8. Bids for Presidio property near the port of entry. $50,000 was built. Resubmitting bid for $12,800 since there was trouble with previous resolution.
Bid rejected.
Submission of TXDOT transportation alternative. Ramon Carrasco not here to present. Grant for S County projects. 15,000 per year for 2 years to each section of county. $60,000 total out of pocket costs to county.
Questions regarding open bidding since it's over $50,000. City of Presidio applying for up to 5 million on their own. 
Engineering and base material can be in-kind but must have cash receipt (in-kind?)
Marco Baeza gives more info. El Paso county does not count as rural, so money will go to smaller counties in the area. Deadline is May 1st.
5 minute break at 10:23 AM
Back at 10:30
Item 10. FAA proposal to decommission a remote outlet at Marfa. County will request that FAA not decommission this remote service out of San Angelo as they are proposing. Have resolution. Commissioners approve. Restriping with paint and glass beads donated by TXDOT.
Budget amendments and line item transfers.
No action
Bills and expenses:
Gas cards: Mitch Garcia is on workman's comp. Using gas card. Mitch need to either get off duty or get doctors note to dismiss workman's comp. Cheryl reports.
Eloy asks questions about budget and where we're at. Judge Guevara and Frances need to meet with Patti to go over current budget situation. 
Jim White concerned about cash position. Unbudgeted items adding up. Katie is asked to provide a budget analysis; overall and departmentally. Sheriff's office not communicating with OMB regarding PISD "gifts"
Possible county may have to refund the money for grant funds with regard to the trucks and Stonegarden overtime. Lorenzo requests item to be placed in executive session for next meeting  per Joel Nunez.
Caeser got paid comp time of 670 hours upon firing. $20,000.
County has to re-do personnel manual to comply with grants. 
Use it or lose it on comp time proposed.
No exec session.
Adjourn at 11:05 AM

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