Monday, July 06, 2015

Presidio County Commissioners Court notes 5/28/2015

Note: theses are my own notes, unedited, from attending Commissioners Court. The opinions implicit within these notes are mine exclusively.

P.C.C.C. 5/28/2015
Alfredo Rias- outdoor lighting shield. Neighbor is shooting out light on rural property.
County Judge- DC trip.
Cronyn and Henry Cuellar. Successful meeting. Hurd involved.
Presentation to Dept of State. cBP, DHS, coast guard, FDA! FHA, IBWC, Fish and wildlife.
John Ferguson and Miguel Carrillion from Ojinaga(?) presented and did a really good job.
S&B presented as well.
Status on Presidential Permit- should have it be Jan.
Left to do: TXDOT needs to vet environmental. Forward to FHA.
Hurd says he can help get an Ag inspector for bridge.
Aranda- spoke to Ramon Carrasco. Application sent to TXDOT for sidewalk project.
Progress being made.
#5- judge Guevara appointed to PCAD. Hernandez asks to table item for later date. Guevara asks for executive session with regard to item. Uncertain as to whether this is permitted. Executive sesssion at 9:36.
reg session resumes at 9:50.
White makes motion, interrupted by Hernandez. Hernandez tables. Motion carries.
#6 Airport lease arrangement with Larry Womack (Danny Watts deal- county owned hangar at Marfa Airport. Wants to renew at $600/mo. Chase says lease is too low, bad lease wording. Land lease agreement, not for hangar. Many issues with lease since it was really made for land.
Chase says he thinks more like $1200/month.
White wants a market value lease. Says this hangar is unique in that it can accommodate a twin engine turboprop.
Question about lease. Virgie recommends tabling and have county attorney redo the lease agreement.
Eloy motions to revise lease and come back to revisit later.
#7- Las Pampas colonia grant application.
Carlos Colina Vargas is the firm.
White makes motion with dropping of Vargas firm. Aranda wants to approve application without Vargas and by using Grantworks instead.
Guevara tables entire item. Vote is in favor.
#8 Doak Painter. Agreement with firm.
White moves. Unanimous.
#9 elected officials must get approval from county Judge for employee hires. Instead of having to come to Commisssioners Court. Temporary employees only. White moves to allow. Unanimous
#10- Rules of Commissioners Court. Approve rules. No rules currently in place other than some vague rules. Specifies nobody can come within 10 feet unless asked. Forms for public comment before court convenes. Must sign up.
Hernandez makes motion. Unanimous
5 minute break.
#11- app omitting Presidio County Treasurer as sole administrator of Homeland Security Grants. Executive session at 10:27.
11:26 back in session. Guevara makes motion to table. Unanimous
#12- JP 2- judge Bishop. 12548.67 total.
Capital projects: Ruben Carrasco- grader fixed. Building improvements in Presidio area yard will eventually be beginning. New yard is off 170 near Bishop property.
Hernandez would like to travel through his own precinct with Ruben (Candelaria, Ruidosa, etc)
Airport Manager: accepted
Tax Assessor: 59346.31. 87% collection rate on county taxes so far.
Perdue sending out delinquents. Potential sale in August of surplus goods.
Will ask for presentation from Perdue for June 9 meeting.
Presidential Permit: no Jake to report.
Treasurer's report was last meeting.
County bills and expenses:
Autopsies. Over budget. Discussion.
Water wells. Vizcaino Park/ golf course.
Check meters, Sam Cobos should...
Jail account: DVD $350? DVD recordings for camera system.
Auditor spending time trying to reconcile grants.
Discrepancy between Joel and Katie regarding reimbursement for grants to school.
Comm court wants Katie to pay forward on school monies.
Bills accepted except for clerk's Dell bill which has yet to be negotiated.
Jake Giesbrecht arrives. Permit report. Successful D.C. Meeting.
Environmental at TXDOT, should be out and forwarded soon. Wanted financial report first but have changed approach recently. Needs to go to Washington for fed approval ASAP.
All 23 agencies in Mexico signed off on project last Mon. Mexican construction begins in less than 2 months.
FHA sends funding through TXDOT for funding CBI funding for bridges, etc. FHA approves this. FHA responding positively. Henry Cuellar big supporter and is on appropriations committee.
Report accepted.
Adjourn at 12:22 PM

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