Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another walking tour of Houston

I don't think I'm actually going to get to this post tonight, but might as well begin the process.
John Lomax and I set out last Friday at 9 AM for a long walk across an unspecified part of Houston. the initial plan was to walk from Telephone Rd outside the beltway into downtown along Telephone. Due to the lack of any substantial bus service out the due south/ SSE direction, we were forced to reconsider.
Playing it by ear, we decided Clinton Dr, running parallel to the ship channel and out east would be a good idea.
It was a pretty hot day, with very intense sun (like Marfa style) and as we walked out Lyons Avenue towards where Clinton begins (at Lockwood) we decided to eschew the bus and just walk it.

The next post I make (tomorrow) will have a detailed description plus many pictures of just what we saw and experienced. This was a very interesting walk, not so much in what we saw, but in what we experienced and the amount of empty space, aging industrial infrastructure, and sunlight we took through the various senses. This was the most intense physical walk BY FAR we have done- I nearly passed out from the heat for the first time since cross country back in high school.

Yes, tomorrow- I drove from San Antonio to Marfa today in the 67 Suburban- fully loaded with wood, insulation and tools. Very slow going and the exhaust leak is worse. I am pretty beat up, plus tomorrow I have an early morning- I've got to pick up my laundry at Tumbleweed laundry here in Marfa- I loaded it up too late and they were ready to close. Just as well- I really didn't want to sit there and wait for it. Not only that, but I have a full day's worth of work to do on the office renovation project. Materials are here- got to finish the last of the demolition of the old stuff and get the new stuff cranking. New ghetto blaster with CD and tape should really help get me motivated.

Lastly- I saw Rob Zombie's "Halloween" last night. Very violent. Successfully disturbing. Don't see it if you don't like violence. - David

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Anonymous said...

Say I just wanted to announce the most amazing thing- Itunes is slowly getting the rights to the good stuff- or blocking who companies like NBC for doing wrong- and they just uploaded the Sweathog Christmas Special! I have a request can you email them and tell them why we must have Andy Williams,
the Herb Albert special and the Dean Martin celebrity roast. I'm sure they;ll go with the Johnny Cash Show if they aren't just doing camp on him for the later years but we deserve the high quality stuff. I use to love watching Don Rickles on the roast and then I'd see James at 16 and John Ford and England Dan were the special guests and then I could tune in Glen Campbell and Neil Sedaka would do "Bad Blood" and out of nowhere he would start tap dancing. And then after the 13 News with Marvin Zindler telling off UH for having the cheerleaders blocking your view at the Football games and Dave Ward they'd have Eve Plumb staring as a Hitch Hicker or hooker or something I forget and then you could see Fridays with Howard Cossell and he would kick ass for the man on the whale and then the woman would ride the whale and do a lot less and he'd walk out saying we already saw it and Bill Murry would be asked to come out and they couldn't get him so Soupe Sales thrre pies in his face till they found Bill and then they went back to Howard and he'd announce Kiss. And if you got tired of Fridays you could watch the Midnight Special except that they weren't getting paid right so like Steely Dan would play the song too fast and screw up Reeling in the years on purpose. Boy I sure miss the good old days of TV. Then late night if I snuck out of bed they had on Monty Python and The Monterey Pop Festival and man, Country Joe & The Fish would give me nightmares and scare me for days.