Monday, February 05, 2007

Here's a few more pictures of the new club. The renovations have already begun, and when I arrive in Marfa next Tuesday most of the interior viewable in these hotos will have been torn out and removed.
The pews came with the building. We'll hold on to at least some of them for the club. Father Bill may have a use for the rest, or we may sell some eventually. They are in excellent condition and I believe they're made out of oak.
The pictures includ the prep room (embalming facility) the garage (will be the pool table area and possibly smoking section- not sure about our smoking policy yet, but I'm definitely going to encourage smokers to smoke outside whether we actually ban it or not. Probably ban it for bigger shows but tolerate some of it on regular (slow, slow) nights.
The long room with the door at the end will become our kitchen facility. The room with the chandelier will be the band room/VIP lodging quarters. There's an attached bathroom. Oh yeah, the prep room will be rebuilt into bathrooms. I plan to replace the majority of the exterior doors with steel doors. There may be a steel door or two withing the club as well to partition the office (not pictured), the band/VIP quarters and the showroom/bar area. Right now, our showroom/bar area is divided into two rooms and a halway section. Those partitions will be removed and we will likely put a steel beam in the place of a load-bearing wall, much like we did at the Continental Club here in Houston to get rid of the wooden post that was in the sightline of the stage. Big job, but did it from the get go and the club is much better for it.

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