Monday, February 05, 2007

Roller Derby Practice

I've been participating in the Houston Roller Derby practices this season. These practices are held twice a week at Dairy Ashford Roller Rink and are closed to the public. The only reason I am allowed to attend and skate is that I have been a volunteer and on the announcing crew for the league since its inception 2 years ago. I'm known as "the Colonel"
I'm nowhere close to as good as most of these girls, but can generally do most of what they do. I get off the floor when I think I'll either be in the way or that I could be hazardous. Plus, they work out pretty darn hard and on days like today I sit out when I get overwhelmed. I drank a bunch of beer last night at tw Super Bowl parties, so I felt like hell working out. The workouts are 2 hours straight of skating, drills, calesthenics, and stretches. As a veteran street skater I know this will improve my skills. However, it's doubtful I'll ever truly need to use most of the stuff I'm learning. Here are some pics of the girls doing their thing. Oh yeah, tonight I fell pretty hard (got a good ass-bruise) and was instantly made fun of. Comic relief is one of my specialties in this group. It's a great time- these chicks are the bomb.

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